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SalonSafe®: For immediate Release

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus on everyone’s mind as it continues to devastate the world, most people we meet ask 'how do we protect ourselves'?


Well, the answer is simple and advised by health organizations, it is just stay away from "bacteria, germs and viruses".  Sounds easy right? With the incubation period for this virus continuing to go up the potential of coming into contact increases.

But how do you protect people in your salon. A possible solution is the Airius PHI fans. Independently tested by "Kansas State University" to neutralize more than 99 per cent of micro-organisms.

Simply put, Coronavirus on surfaces or in the air, may be minimized or even negated wherever the PHI Cell is in operation.


We may not be able to stop Coronvirus impacting our businesses and daily operations, but with the help of an Airius PHI fan, you can rest assured that the next "Flu or Virus" that hits us can be met and managed.


Keeping staff working, and your customers in a safe and risk free environment.  Get a competitive advantage for the next health outbreak knowing you could operate "BUSINESS AS USUAL" with our  Airius PHI fan

Creates aggressive advanced oxidation atmosphere to kill 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold (surface and airborne) and kill 85% of VOCs and odors.
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