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  • What is the difference between SalonSafe® ventilation and the other vaccuum systems available.
    1. Other vaccuum systems are noisy. SalonSafe® is quiet. 2. Other vaccuum systems have bulky "robot-arms" that can get in the way of you and your client. 3. Our system can be easily connected to your vented manicure table or pedicure station. The system runs continuously during business hours so it's always exhausting the fumes. 4. FRESH AIR. SalonSafe® supplies fresh air back into your space at the same time it removes fumes and other contaminents. This is TRUE ventilation and CODE COMPLIANT.
  • How do I determine the best location for my FreshAire Unit?
    The International Mechanical Code does not allow you to filter salon fumes and recirculate air back iinto the salon. That is why you need to vent to the outdoors. The unit should be relatively close to an exterior wall to minimize the length of the duct or hose to the exterior vents. The fresh air intake must be located approximately 10 feet or more from any window/door or other HVAC equipment and at least 7 feet above the ground and it should not be installed where noxious gasses from outdoor sources are likely to be present, such as the exhaust of an automobile in a driveway. These are rules-of-thumb so be sure to check with your engineer, contractor or building official for exact requirements.
  • Will the SalonSafe® ventilation system really save me money on my energy bills?
    Yes! Ventilating correctly will save you money on heating and cooling costs. If you simply open a window for fresh air, or just have source capture exhaust only, at least two things could go wrong: First, you can’t control which way the air flows or how fast or slow it flows, or even what exactly comes into your salon, such as pollen. Second, (and this is important for business owners)..the money you’ve already spent to heat or cool the air in the salon is going, well, out the window. The SalonSafe® Ventilation systems put you in control of how much fresh air is coming into your salon, how much stale air is leaving your salon, and you can filter out things you don’t want coming back into your salon such as pollen. And, the temperature of the air leaving your salon is recovered by the air coming into your salon, so the cost to adjust the temperature of fresh outdoor air coming in is minimized.
  • If I buy a SalonSafe® ventilation system and have it installed, do I have to worry about turning it on and off or can I set it and forget it?"
    With the SalonSafe® ventilation system, you can enjoy all the benefits of source capture exhaust and fresh air without lifting a finger. Our system is designed to deliver a continuous amount of airflow, for both exhaust and fresh air throughout business hours.
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