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SalonSafe®: For immediate Release

The State of New York is in the process of passing a bill that would expand the eligibility of money to NAIL SALONS (dry cleaners too)  to make upgrades to mechanical ventilation systems that, are necessary to comply with federal, state and local indoor air quality codes, rules and regulations.



In recent years, New York has continued to take the initiative in advancing air quality and environmental safety practices in the workplace by requiring all nail salons to install mechanical ventilation systems. However, this has led to significant financial challenges for New York nail salon owners.  


As you know, any nail salons established in New York after October of 2016 must install mechanical ventilation systems and pre- existing nail salons must do so within five years. This latest requirement will cost nearly $24,000 for a nail salon to comply with.


The cost of these upgrades will likely force many nail salons to shut down or leave New York. Many more would be brought to the brink of bankruptcy. The overall economic damage would be devastating to both small businesses and the workers they employ. 


In the face of the ventilation regulations, NY is creating a new fund to assist dry cleaners, nail salons, and other small businesses through the Urban Development Corporation Act. By providing the necessary financial assistance to survive these new regulations and mandates, New York will become one of the leading examples throughout our nation for comprehensive workplace safety, environmental protection and commercial innovation. 


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