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Simple Design

Code Compliant


Works with your Manicure and Pedicure furniture! 


Quiet. Clean. Healthy.

The need for SalonSafe® dedicated outdoor air system was designed by architects and engineers based on their real world observations of nail salon technicians and owners.

Download the SalonSafe® Brochure and bring it to your clients and inspectors to show them you are serious about making your salon safe and code compliant.

Salon Safe pedals logo

Unique features

Salon Safe pedals logo

Chemical vapors and debris are captured at the source and passed through a filter before being exhausted outdoors.

100% fresh and pre-conditioned outdoor air is brought into the space. The stale, exhausted air and clean, outdoor airstreams never mix.

Whisper Quiet

Other source capture units are bulky and noisy.  SalonSafe's® dedicated outdoor air system is quiet and tranquil...just like a salon should be. 

Code Compliant 

SalonSafe® complies with OSHA, ADA and the International Mechanical Code right out of the box.  It captures contaminates at the source, exhausts the stale air outdoors and supplies 100% fresh outdoor air.  No airstream mixing or recirculation.  And it automatically keeps the the system balanced.

Easy Install & Maintenance

The SalonSafe® dedicated outdoor air system needs to be vacuumed. That's it.  No expensive carbon filtration to monitor or replace.

Architect Designed

Thoughtful design and simple lines to fit the decor of most any nail salon...unobtrusive and flexible.  

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