Fresh Air, Source Capture, Balanced – SalonSafe® is an all-in-one ventilation solution that supports multiple ventilation strategies. 

Unlike packages cobbled together from various manufacturers, SalonSafe's® Ventilation System Solution is designed to work as a centralized system so there’s no guesswork or hassle. Sleek, compact kits make installation a snap. Set-up instructions are simple and smart. Fewer callbacks, happier clients, better business.

Quality construction, virtually no maintenance, and long warranties mean that our ventilation system will keep working long after the contractors and inspectors are gone.

We stand behind our products with multi-year warranties that give you peace of mind. **Durations vary and can be found on the Spec & Technical data for each product.

Product Support: We’re here to help. Questions?..,our knowledgeable experts are on-hand to talk you through it, toll free at 855-855-3681





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