FreshAire Unit Kit (1-3 stations)

This FreshAire unit provides high-efficiency heat recovery in a compact, affordable package to service up to 3 stations.


The unit uses a robust, water-washable polypropylene core that can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. 


Fresh air and Energy Efficient..It handles both exhaust and fresh airstreams while also moderating temperature extremes and humidity both in summer and winter. It also removes formaldehyde and other nail salon chemical pollutants at the source.


Other key features include:

  1. Electronically and independently adjustable supply and exhaust blowers (FLEXControl)
  2. Non-dust-loading backward-inclined impellers on totally enclosed motors
  3. Easy access to core and filters for cleaning
  4. Extremely durable polypropylene core
  5. Standard aluminum filters and optional carbon or highefficiency/MERV 13 equivalent filters
  6. Multiple low-voltage controller options
  7. Recirculating defrost protects the core from freezing without putting the building into negative-pressure

FreshAire Unit Kit (1-3 stations)

  • The FreshAire Unit Kit also comes with the following accessories:


    • Balancing kit set to maintain 50CFM per manicure / pedicure station
    • Pressure switch
    • Booster Fan